THREE CEMETERY SCENES is a collection of three contrasting piano pieces all inspired by the Fairmount Cemetery in Chatham, NJ. These pieces can be played together or separately (each ranging from about 7 to 10 minutes). I. The Unbroken Path – A beautiful cobblestone path wraps its way throughout the entire cemetery, allowing glimpses of a variety of headstones. It eventually becomes one large circle, moving up and down the hillside with views of the valley below. It is very easy to get lost in thought as you traverse this path, both with the serenity and beauty found in the cemetery. II. For Those at Rest – If the previously mentioned “serenity” is not evident in the first movement, it certainly is in the second. Cemeteries are some of the most serene settings found anywhere. Quiet solitude and reverence dominate. III. Gravestone Stories – Perhaps the most interesting part of a cemetery is the gravestones. Each one has its own person and story behind it.


  • Duration: 25 minutes