For many, many years I intentionally avoided composing an overly programmatic work because of the stigma often attached to works of such nature. I decided the heck with the stigma and thus THE BAD GUYS WIN for brass quintet was born.

I. Morning - The people of an idyllic village slowly awaken at dawn and tend to their simple, daily chores.

II. Bad Guys Attack! - The bad guys come with little warning and ruthlessly attack the village. They leave it ravaged, but not completely destroyed.

III. Mourning - The people of the village survey the devastation only to find death and sorrow.

IV. Another Attack! - At the villagers' most vulnerable moment, the bad guys come in for another attack, this time looking to obliterate the village for good. As their attack becomes more and more violent the villagers stage a heroic defense and just as it appears good will rule the day, the bad guys mount one final charge and finish their vile deed.  

THE BAD GUYS WIN (brass quintet)